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Access Formatta is a flexible, scalable and secure electronic forms platform that can transform any paper forms process into a 100% data-driven one. Formatta empowers anywhere, anytime eForms management and eliminates the costs and risks associated with capturing paper and other unstructured forms.

Formatta eForms management software products are built on a highly flexible, advanced technology platform that enables organizations to rapidly design, develop and publish eForms to a secure, server-based, web-accessible environment. Users then can interact with eForms anywhere, at any time, experiencing the familiarity of paper forms without paper's limitations and costs. Captured form data can be used to update business systems, such as ERP financials and human resources (HR) modules, while also securely archiving a version-controlled image in an (ECM) content and document management system.

Formatta delivers:
  • Design and create electronic versions of paper forms
  • Publish and manage the forms securely
  • Access and organize all enterprise forms in one place
  • Complete forms online or offline and submit them anytime
  • Authenticate and sign forms officially without paper
  • Distribute forms and notify others as part of any process
  • Output forms and share data with other systems

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