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Formatta and Access Passport for Enterprise - Access and organize all of your eForms in one place.

Access Passport for Enterprise is a web-based forms solution that provides access to the functional elements you need to remove all paper from your forms processes - working with Access Formatta to make your routines completely paper-free from start to finish.

Using virtually any device from any location, your staff can:
  • Access the eForms you need easily from virtually any device and location
  • Collect information in eForms and add attachments in record time
  • Capture required signatures directly on eForms without paper and ink

Once an eForm is complete, Access Passport and Formatta can:
  • Automate workflow dynamically using data captured in eForms
  • Deliver completed forms and data to the people and systems that need it
  • Track forms throughout their life cycle and perform many other valuable tasks
  • Everything related to your forms now is in one place with Access Passport and Formatta - so lower costs, paper-free routines and reduced risk can be your real-world destinations.

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