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Formatta Online or Offline Forms

Complete and submit eForms.
With Formatta, users can easily interact with eForms that look and feel like the paper versions they're used to - just without all of the delays, hassles and physical limitations of paper. You can complete, digitally sign and submit forms online, offering the same intuitive interface regardless of operating system or web browser. You also can enable users to fill out eForms offline and then submit them once they're connected.
  • Online form access, completion and submission
  • Full support for Digital Signature
  • Renders same for every operating system and web browser
  • Offline form completion (secure data submission when online)

Authenticate and sign eForms.
Formatta enables you to securely capture authorized, legally binding signatures on electronic documents and forms - so you can finally get rid of the paper that's getting in the way. Whether you require PKI-based digital signatures, paper like electronic signatures, Wacom tablet capture, or integration with leading e-signature vendors, our products have you covered with signatures that are as valid as ones written in ink.

Distribute eForms and send notifications.
Whether an eForm initiates a process, keys a final approval hurdle, or supports a data validation step in-between, Formatta can play an integral role in your business routines. Using the email notification mechanism in Formatta, you can establish alerts that notify a user when an eForm is ready for their input, digital signature, sign-off or some other task.

Output and share eForms data.
The data you collect in an eForm holds tremendous value for your organization. With Formatta, you can take full advantage of this rich resource.

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