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Formatta electronic signatures - Authenticate and sign your eForms.

Formatta enables you to securely capture authorized, legally binding signatures on electronic documents and forms - so you can finally get rid of the paper that's getting in the way. Whether you require PKI-based digital signatures, paperlike electronic signatures, Wacom tablet capture, or integration with leading e-signature vendors, our products have you covered with signatures that are as valid as ones written in ink.

You can sign any eForm, such as a W-4, I-9 or capital request, either by entering a user name and password or using a stylus or finger on a touch-enabled screen like a pen. The eForm then can be routed automatically to other users for signing, continuing through to the completion of the business process. With Formatta as the creation tool for your eForms, there is no limit to the number of signatories on a form. The entire form or just portions of the form that require signatures are locked each time the form is signed, ensuring that it cannot be altered or tampered with.

Users are authenticated and forms are signed and submitted using 128-bit encryption in a manner that supports industry standards such as Active Directory and LDAP. Our digital signature technology, based on PKI (public key infrastructure) encryption technology, ensures that a certificate of authority (issued by a third party that validates the identity of the signer and the signature) is in effect at time of signature.

Authenticate and sign eForms.
  • Empower users to quickly authorize forms with a digital signature using our web or desktop client
  • Apply paper-like wet signatures directly onto eForms using any input method, including touch screens
  • Enable users to apply an electronic signature via a Wacom tablet for easy signing
  • Validate each user against current, verified data - a secure, credentialing process
  • Consolidate forms on a single platform and authenticate using a consistent security protocol
  • Keep a complete audit trail by archiving each signed version of an eForm in the ECM system
  • Protect your users' privacy and ensure the integrity of all data entered in forms
  • Prevent tampering with forms and signatures with industry standard security and encryption
  • Eliminate the need for costly client-side certificates - Formatta only needs a single digital certificate

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