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In today's fast-paced business environment, interactive whiteboards provide a cost effective and real-time global teleconferencing advantage. From Remote PC operation that lets you use an electronic pen like a mouse to email distribution of board notes, interactive whiteboards offer all the options to keep your ideas and information flowing.

Product Image Model# Cat# Panel Dimension # of Panels Datasheet
UB-T880W UB-T880W
52.00 x 65.25 x 4.63 "  1   PDF
* Rated at 200dpi monochrome landscape

Get more out of your meetings while keeping everyone on the same page with Panasonic's plain paper Panaboards. Make notes and when you need it, just use the included eraser to make changes. Then print out your notes with the built-in printer. Add optional PC interface software and print your PC data on the printer as well.* Up to continuous 4-screen capability make plain paper Panaboards a feature-rich, high-economy business tool.

Product Image Model# Cat# Panel Dimension # of Panels Datasheet
UB-5338C UB-5338C
33 x 54.2 "  2   PDF
UB-5838C UB-5838C
33 x 68.5 "  2   PDF
UB-7325 UB-7325
35.4 x 55.1 "  4   PDF
* Rated at 200dpi monochrome landscape

Let a Panasonic Thermal Panaboard take the notes instead of you! Increase efficiency and reduce meeting times by keeping attendees focused and participating. Save critical notes for archiving and distribution while ensuring the utmost security in confidential environments. Includes USB PC interface option capabilities and security features that are essential for sensitive environments. Effortless file management process lets you save critical notes to a file for easy archiving and distribution.

Product Image Model# Cat# Panel Dimension # of Panels Datasheet
* Rated at 200dpi monochrome landscape
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