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The Raptor delivers scanning capabilities and efficiencies that many of the world's largest corporations and government agencies rely on, in a versatile, compact footprint

Maximum High-Quality Throughput

The Raptor provides industry-leading throughput by leveraging an open track paper path capable of handling a wide variety of paper types and sizes, and scanning speeds of up to 240 pages per minute. Additionally, the Raptor includes a color touchscreen monitor, enabling the operator to easily interact with the scanner during the scanning process.

Real-Time Image Quality Assurance (IQA)

Precision optics and illumination provide superior image quality for difficult documents. The IntelliScan Raptor performs in-line IQA monitoring by testing every image in real time against a baseline of user-defined quality metrics. Detecting potential defects earlier in the scanning process allows for the most efficient resolution, based on local site requirements.

Multiple Out-Sorting OptionsY

The IntelliScan Raptor provides document sorting capability that reduces the need for pre-scan document preparation and postscan document reassembly. Available in multiple configurations, including up to four pockets, in a compact, ergonomic design capable of meeting diverse sorting requirements.

Drop-and-Go Hand-Feed Capability

The IntelliScan Raptor can further increase document throughput with its drop-and-go hand-feed feature, which allows for more efficient processing of fragile, damaged or otherwise difficult to auto-feed documents.

Data Capture Capabilities

Optional data extraction and classification software turns the Raptor into a complete document capture and digital transformation solution. By automating tedious manual processes, and integrating with downstream systems, the Raptor gives you quicker access to actionable information, while significantly reducing processing costs.

Features at a Glance:

  • Industry-leading combination of image quality, optical resolution, and throughput
  • Open track transport provides easy access to documents at all times
  • 1,000+ page continuous loading document feeder
  • Double feed detection ensures every document is imaged
  • Laser barcode reader enables real-time sorting at rated scanning speed
  • 4-Line inkjet printer for audit trail purposes
  • Variety of image output options (up to four fullsize images per side)
  • Multiple document sorting capabilities
  • Touchscreen monitor and other one-touch controls
  • Real-time IQA monitoring
  • Optional data capture and classification software

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