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Plustek MobileOffice series scanners are small portable lightweight scanners that are at home in the office or on the road.

Many MobileOffice models are available that are powered by your PC, laptop or netbooks USB port. These scanners are perfect for scanning documents, travel receipts, contracts, delivery documents when you are away from the office.

Rugged models in the MobileOffice series are designed to scan rigid cards and small items like insurance cards, ID cards, checks deposit slips, and medical. prescriptions. These scanners are used in many healthcare, pharmacy, financial and transportation applications worldwide.

Product Image Model# Cat# Scan Speed Scan Mode Datasheet
AD480 783064607094 1.5 secs/page Duplex PDF
D620 783064607872 7 secs/page Duplex PDF
OB3900 783064356435 7 secs/page Simplex PDF
OB4800 783064354660 3.6 secs/page Simplex PDF
PS283 783064425186 5 ppm Duplex PDF
S410 783064285391 6 ppm Duplex PDF
S602 783064606998 5.5 secs/page Simplex PDF
* Rated at 200dpi monochrome landscape

This series of Plustek healthcare scanners features speed, durability and great paper handling, especially engineered for back office operations, such as billing and accounting, and medical record scanning. They are also ideal for scanning forms like lab requests, daily business-critical documents, medical prescriptions, healthcare survey forms, medical records, claim forms, payment checks, EOBs, HR records, legal and insurance documents, etc.

Product Image Model# Cat# Scan Speed Scan Mode Datasheet
A250 783064636940
31 ppm Duplex PDF
A250 SHAREPOINT 783064637831
30 ppm Duplex PDF
A300 271-BBM21-C
2.4 secs/page Simplex PDF
A320L 783064087711
7.8 secs/page Simplex PDF
D430 783064605533
2.4 secs/page Duplex PDF
eScan A150 783064636704
5 ppm Duplex PDF
2.48 secs/page Duplex PDF
PL2550 783064414685
25 ppm Duplex PDF
PS286-G 783064645850
25 ppm Duplex PDF
PS286PLUS 783064424486
25 ppm Duplex PDF
PS3060U 783064426312
30 ppm Duplex PDF
SC8016U 783064615846
80 ppm Duplex PDF
* Rated at 200dpi monochrome landscape

All Plustek scanners connect to notebook or desktop computers via a USB port and are delivered with the industry standard TWAIN drivers, offering easy integration and compatibility with your healthcare software applications. As the leading global scanner manufacturer with two decades of expertise in scanner hardware design and software/firmware development, Plustek is able to deliver scanners featuring high throughput, functionality, flexibility, reliability and competitive pricing.

Product Image Model# Cat# Scan Speed Scan Mode Datasheet
783064646253 80 ppm Duplex PDF
PS4080U 783064426305 40 ppm Duplex PDF
PS4088UH 783064426558 40 ppm Duplex PDF
PS456U 783064425667 80 ppm Duplex PDF
PS506U 783064426367 50 ppm Duplex PDF
* Rated at 200dpi monochrome landscape

Plustek OpticFilm scanners are specialized tools for scanning slides and negatives. OpticFilm scanners are used by professional photographers, amateur photographers, graphic designers, photo enthusiasts, and those who demand image high quality digital reproductions of their film and slides.

Product Image Model# Cat# Datasheet
OF8200I Ai 783064365338 PDF
OF8200iSE 783064365345 PDF
OF8100 783064365321 PDF
OF120 783064365642 PDF
OF135 783064366878 PDF

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