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WorkForce Series: All-in-One Printers for Home Office

Fast, dependable high-performance all-in-one printers built to meet your business needs. Use in your home office or with small office teams, Print, Copy, Scan, Fax with professional quality at affordable prices. A4 Letter / Legal Business. Windows and Mac compatible.

WorkForce Series All-in-One Printers:

EcoTank Series All-in-One Printers:

WorkForce Wide Format Series: All-in-One Printers for Creative Professionals: Artists, Engineers, Designers and Architects

Ideal for creative and engineering professionals, Wide Format WorkForce Printers & All-in-Ones offer wide format printing and scanning. A3 Tabloid / Wide Format. Windows and Mac compatible.

WorkForce Series Wide Format All-in-One Printers:

WorkForce Series Wide Format Printers:

WorkForce Pro Series: All-In-One Printers for Small Office

Featuring incredible speeds, outstanding durability, wireless connectivity and a cost-per-page that is 50% lower than color laser WorkForce Pro printers and all-in-ones are the perfect choice for high-volume office and workgroup printing. A4 Letter / Legal Business. Windows and Mac compatible.

WorkForce Pro Series All-in-One Printers:


WorkForce Pro Multifunction Printers for Workgroups

Offering heavy-duty, reliable performance with low running costs plus IT features for networked workgroup and team printing. A4 Letter / Legal Business. Windows and Mac compatible.

WorkForce Pro 5000 Series All-in-One Printers:

WorkForce Pro Series Network Printers:

WorkForce Pro Series Wide Format Printers:

WorkForce Pro Multifunction Printers for Workgroups:

Product Image Model# Cat# Print Speed Datasheet
ET-16500 C11CF49201
18 ppm PDF
ET-2600 C11CF46201
10 ppm PDF
ET-2650 C11CF47201
10 ppm PDF
ET-3600 C11CF73201
6.5 ppm PDF
WF-100 C11CE05201
6.7 secs/page PDF
WF-2630 C11CE36201
9 ppm PDF
WF-2750 C11CF76201
13.7 ppm PDF
WF-2760 C11CF77201
13.7 ppm PDF
WF-3640 C11CD16201
19 ppm PDF
WF-3720 C11CF24201
20 ppm PDF
WF-4720 C11CF74201
20 ppm PDF
WF-4730 C11CG01201
20 ppm PDF
WF-4740 C11CF75201
24 ppm PDF
WF-5110 C11CD12201-NA
20 ppm PDF
WF-5190 C11CD15201-NA
20 ppm PDF
WF-5620 C11CD08201-NA
34 ppm PDF
WF-5690 C11CD14201-NA
20 ppm PDF
WF-6090 C11CD47201-NA
24 ppm PDF
WF-6530 C11CD48201
24 ppm PDF
WF-6590 C11CD49201-NA
24 ppm PDF
WF-7110 C11CC99201
18 ppm PDF
WF-7610 C11CC98201
18 ppm PDF
WF-7620 C11CC97201
18 ppm PDF
WF-8090 C11CD43201-NA
34 ppm PDF
WF-8590 C11CD45201-NA
24 ppm PDF
WF-M5194 C11CE38201-NA
20 ppm PDF
WF-M5694 C11CE37201-NA
20 ppm PDF
WF-R4640 C11CE69201
20 ppm PDF
* Rated at 200dpi monochrome landscape
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