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Kofax Express is all-in-one, easy batch scanning.  Powerful batch scanning features such as intelligent blank page deletion, auto-rotation, auto-color detection and many more with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface make Kofax Express the perfect scanning application for organizations of all sizes.  Kofax Express supports scanners from leading manufactures such as Bowe Bell & Howell, Canon, Fujitsu, HP, Kodak, Panasonic, Visioneer and many others. 

  • Built-in VRS® (VirtualReScan) for optimal image quality and efficiency
  • Intuitive User Interface (same “look and feel” as Microsoft Office 2007)
  • All scanner functionality controlled through intuitive Express User Interface.  No need to access scanner driver dialog boxes.  Much more efficient for users as well easier to train new users.
  • Scan to Microsoft SharePoint (SharePoint release included)
  • Enhanced bar code recognition (1D and 2D bar codes)
  • Automatic document separation (patch pages, bar codes, blank pages, fixed number of pages)
  • Smoothview™ technology allows you to easily move, rotate, reorder and replace images without rescanning
  • Flexible release to ECM solutions (API available)
  • Simplified software licensing (no dongle required)
  • License level based on scanner category, not volume

Product Image Cat # Description Datasheet
KX-DS00-0001 Kofax Express Desktop PDF
KX-DSC0-0001 Kofax Express Desktop PDF
KX-HS00-0001 Kofax Express High-Vol Prod. PDF
KX-HSC0-0001 Kofax Express High-Vol Prod. PDF
KX-KS00-0001 Kofax Express Workstation PDF
KX-KSC0-0001 Kofax Express Workstation PDF
KX-LS00-0001 Kofax Express Low-Vol Prod. PDF
KX-LSC0-0001 Kofax Express Low Volume Prod. PDF
KX-MS00-0001 Kofax Express Mid-Vol Prod. PDF
KX-MSC0-0001 Kofax Express Mid-Vol Prod. PDF
KX-SS00-0001 Kofax Express Super High-Vol PDF
KX-SSC0-0001 Kofax Exp. Super HV Production PDF
KX-WS00-0001 Kofax Express Workgroup PDF
KX-WSC0-0001 Kofax Express Workgroup PDF
*All Kofax Express Software requires Kofax Maintenance
* Rated at 200dpi monochrome landscape
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