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Model #: VRS ELITE
Manufacturer #: VP-W005-0001
List Price: $1,450
Automatically improves the quality of scanned images, dramatically improving both scanning productivity and capture efficiency.

Kofax VirtualReScan® (VRS) Elite is Kofax's patented image enhancement and perfection software. Kofax VRS Elite reduces the time involved in manual document preparation and enhances the quality of scanned images, dramatically improving both manual scanning productivity and the efficiency of document capture processes. High quality images are critical as they can significantly impact the success of downstream
data extraction and retrieval needs.

Reduce Preparation Time and Improve the Readability of Scanned Images

Kofax VRS Elite automatically examines documents and applies the correct settings to deliver high quality scanned images. Using Kofax VRS Elite is like having a quality control operator working to clean all of your toughest documents and reveal your data.
  • Reduce document preparation. Just yank out the staples and paper clips, stick your documents in the feeder and press the scan button. No experience necessary.
  • Capture color on demand without changing scanner settings. No sorting out black and white documents. No inserting separator pages. Kofax VRS Elite automatically determines how to handle your color documents at the rated speed of the scanner.
  • Make piles of paper disappear in the blink of an eye. Fewer manual tasks and less operator intervention means faster scanning and processing.
  • Produce the perfect image the first time, every time. Say goodbye to rescanning. Kofax VRS Elite automatically corrects images for you and also provides simple tools to make quick repairs without ever touching the original document.
  • Enable effective distributed or remote scanning. Kofax VRS Elite reduces the complexity of scanning and helps to ensure that scans at your remote sites are of the highest quality

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Kofax VRS Elite's New
Features and Capabilities

During this presentation we cover:
  • Device Health
  • Managed Software Deployment
  • Automatic Profiles
  • Centralized Licensing


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