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Model #: KV-1027C
Manufacturer #: KV-1027C
List Price: $995.00
Now you can scan all kinds of documents faster, easier and more reliably with the new advanced KV-S1027C scanner. It's engineered to enhance document imaging workflow and information management with improved scanning speeds, paper feed mechanism and advanced image quality functions. From extremely thin paper and embossed ID cards and passports, the KV-S1027C can handle practically any kind of mixed document imaginable. Designed for high performance and low maintenance, it enables you to get more done in less time, at an outstanding value.

Versatile scanning solutions from the world's imaging specialists
Panasonic has earned a worldwide reputation as a leader in imaging technology and is recognized for engineering highly reliable and durable products. Our KV-S1027C is no exception - it's designed to process documents continuously day in and day out; designed to be extremely low maintenance - reducing downtime and work delays.

Advanced desktop scanning solutions for your digital office
From healthcare and insurance to government and finance, converting paperwork to digital documents quickly and seamlessly is critical to your operations. Our KV-S1027C represents the latest in desktop document capture technology. With high-speed scanning functions, advanced image quality and a new compact design, the KV-S1027C offers powerful document processing capabilities at an outstanding value.

Engineered high performance for businesses like yours
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Insurance companies
  • Federal & local government
  • Enterprise (transportation, oil & gas)
  • Small and medium businesses

  • Equipped with security only Panasonic can provide
    All Panasonic scanners come equipped with Auto Erasure Security for scanning situations requiring the highest levels of security. This is a high security technology unique to Panasonic that automatically erases all data from the scanner's built-in memory. This feature helps secure against data leaks and aids in preventing hardware hacking.

    Enhanced operational functions for fast, uninterrupted scanning
    • Manual Feed Switch - Enables users to quickly switch from standard feed mode to manual feed mode to easily process passports, thick paper stock and three-part forms.
    • Space-Saving Design - Small footprint with stylish contoured back requires less counter space and conveniently fits in small spaces like the front desk at hospitals, medical offices and banks, so that you can scan customer or patient materials faster.
    • Exit Paper Guide - Keeps the paper stack down as documents exit.
    • Embossed Card Guide - Mixed paper and up to 3 cards can be scanned in a single batch.
    • Backlit LCD Display - Enables easy-to-read programmed workflow selection and warning/error notification.
    • Integrated Power supply - No exterior power supply necessary

    Quicker, more reliable, with more options to get the job done
    • High-speed duplex scanning for faster processing, filing and distribution
    • Handles all types of mixed documents quickly and easily
    • Ultra-reliable paper feed means fewer jams, less downtime
    • Intelligent Double-Feed Detection keeps jobs moving

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