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The Problem: Inactive Data

Businesses face growing costs of data storage. In most organizations 80% of their unstructured data (thatís files vs databases) is inactive and has not been used in years. Storing it and doing backups in triplicate is wasteful, and unnecessary. This is where restorVault, a pioneering cloud storage solution, steps in to transform the way inactive data is managed.

The Solution: Virtual Cloud Storage

Virtualization is a storage game-changer. By virtualizing inactive data, restorVault enables customers to permanently reduce on-prem, backup, and cloud storage costs by as much as 80%..

Enterprise Content Management

How does this affect Records Management and Compliance teams on Laserfiche, Filebound etc.:

No more wasted Storage: Instead of backing up inactive data and wasting 80% of the disk space, restorVault replaces inactive data on the primary server with lightweight Virtual Data Files (VDF), and moves the originals to restorVault tamperproof vaults. This recoups wasted capacity on primary, backup and cloud, and extends the lifespan of existing equipment.

Ransomware immunity: On top of saving money by delaying storage upgrades, and reducing cloud capacity requirements up to 80%, all files stored in a restorVault CCA or TCS vault are protected from ransomware forever, now that they are stored on tamperproof WORM storage.

Superior Data Integrity: restorVault boasts better data integrity than they started with. With the added benefit of two identical gold copies in tamperproof vaults in redundant data centers and mechanisms to continually verify and assure their integrity, your clientís data has never been safer.

Faster backup and recovery: Moving inactive data to immutable storage shrinks backup sizes and recovery times. And having a fast virtual recovery option, that cannot be compromised, removes all risk of organizations needing to pay ransoms, because their backups were corrupted, or they canít be restored fast enough.

Windows File System Storage

IT departments face similar challenges, but on a larger scale. They are usually responsible for 10 times the amount of data that exists for compliance. However, since it is not their data, they donít have the luxury of deciding whether or not to keep it. It must all be kept.

All the same reasons for considering restorVault apply to IT departments that want to reduce their storage footprint and the costs of maintaining inactive data indefinitely.

If you can convince Compliance this is a good idea, IT easily recognizes the value too, because the financial implications of delaying large storage upgrades by a few years, are significant.

Useful Tools and Resources

Inactive Data Discovery Ė A free service to passively analyze their servers to evaluate how much of their current data is inactive, how much capacity could be recouped, and how soon their disks will be full if they stay on the current trajectory. You sell the idea, weíll work with the client to produce the report and discuss it with them. See example report.

Having this data leads to deep discussions about their storage strategy and a high close rate.

Recovery downtime calculator Ė This simple calculator shows how long it takes to fully restore a specified amount of data, and shows how much faster it would be for a virtual restore with all files represented by VDFs and a full restore with only inactive files replaced by VDFs.

Overall Customer Benefits

SUPERIOR PROTECTION Enjoy complete ransomware immunity and assured data integrity.

500x FASTER RECOVERY Instant virtual recovery from any type of disaster or downtime.

UP TO 80% SAVINGS permanently reduce primary, backup and cloud storage requirements.

Why Should you Resell restorVault?

Competitive proposition which changes the CAPEX / OPEX equation on initial ECM deployments and delivers massive savings in the cloud over 5 years which might pay for half of the project.

You are selling a cloud service, not hardware, So, you earn recurring commissions on renewal without lifting a finger, and without needing to sell additional hardware to existing clients.

You promote all the same benefits to other departments, for regular office data backup and security cam footage which is all unstructured data, too. We help you close IT deals.

Selling restorVault
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