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The Problem: Cost of storage is going thru the roof.

Businesses with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems using local storage and backup for compliance data, are looking to the cloud to simplify disaster recovery and enable application development, QA testing and training.

But while their ECM storage needs are growing 60% per year, they are discovering that the price of cloud storage is only falling 5-10% per year. This gap is driving up overall storage costs.

Say a company has 2TB of original compliance data on primary storage and they want to put four copies of the server in the cloud for DR, Dev, QA and training. Let's see how the costs play out:

- Using an average cost of $120/TB/month, the 8 TB of cloud storage would cost $11,520/year.

- Since 80%-90% of that data is inactive, storing 3 or 4 identical file copies is extremely wasteful.

- What if there was a way to provide 4 server copies, using only 2.4 TB in the cloud, not 8 TB.

  • 2TB for the immutable backup and 0.4 TB for ~20% of files that are get used or modified.

The Solution: Virtual Cloud Storage from restorVault

Virtualization to the rescue.

Instead of each instance (Backup, training, Dev and QA) having a full copy of the data, they only have lightweight Virtual Data Files (VDFs) which point to and fetch any archived file on-demand.

This means you can recover from disasters 500x times faster, because 1 GB of VDFs is equivalent to 1TB of real files. Likewise, you can create new instances in minutes.

Are there limitations? Yes - It is important to understand this is a specialized storage solution specifically for unstructured data on windows server platforms - that's Windows office files, PDFs, images, video, audio etc. NOT Databases. Compliance data is unstructured data.

End User Benefits

SUPERIOR PROTECTION with two immutable copies on "Trusted Systems" storage

500x FASTER RECOVERY from any type of disaster or ransomware attack

UP TO 80% SAVINGS on cloud storage and lower primary storage consumption too

Reseller Benefits

Competitive proposition which changes the CAPEX / OPEX equation on initial ECM deployments and delivers massive savings in the cloud over 5 years which might pay for half of the project.

You are selling a cloud service, not hardware, So, you can earn recurring commissions on renewal without lifting a finger, and without needing to sell additional hardware to existing clients.

You promote all the same benefits to other departments, for regular office data backup and security cam footage which is all unstructured data, too.

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Michael Brooks
Director, Storage Solutions
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