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Help your customers find the right high-speed business document scanner for their work. Kodak Alaris manufactures scanners with intelligent automated features and class-leading software. Document scanners from Kodak Alaris are the innovative choice.

Businesses of all kinds want to make their processes more efficient, and Kodak Alaris offers the right technology to optimize workflows that involves paper. Over the years, they have helped customers reach their digital transformation goals through image science innovation, their technology portfolio, and a global network of trusted partners. The overall quality of Kodak Alaris' desktop, departmental, and production office scanners consistently stands out from the competition. Accurate and high-quality information capture combined with intelligent software and trusted Kodak Alaris services provide custom document management solutions designed just for your customers.


Enhance productivity and serve your customers with document capture and asset management software from Kodak Alaris. Maximize functionality when pairing class-leading software solutions from Kodak Alaris with high-quality, accurate Kodak scanners. Your customers can also use their existing third party scanners to work with selected solutions to get the most of their existing equipment.

Efficient operations are all about getting it right; delivering the right information to the right person at the right time. That focus on doing it right lets an organization get information from documents into your systems to make fast decisions, at a lower cost and with improved outcomes. The Kodak Alaris software portfolio helps your customers get there by accurately extracting data from paper documents and routing it to their desired location - no matter if it's a local folder, cloud service, ECM system or integrated line of business application. Your customer's choice of solution is dependent on their needs, and can scale as they grow.


Help your customers achieve more successful outcomes in the era of data chaos with world-class services from Kodak Alaris.

Kodak Alaris a trusted business partner. They keep your customer's devices in working order, and help them get the greatest value out of their products and solutions. Let Kodak Alaris show your clients how they can help create an environment with more efficient workflows and processes that will allow their information to become their power.

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