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Bound Partner Tiers

Our Program is designed to reward partners with price margin benefits and services based upon their level of engagement and participation with FileBound. Since every business is unique, the FileBound Partner Program has three tiers designed to fit the needs of the individual partner.

  • Executive Partners have a very high level of transparency and engagement with FileBound, and fully support the FileBound brand as a critical part of their business.
  • Premier Partners support the FileBound Product at a strong level and the FileBound brand is an important part of their business.
  • Business Partners support the FileBound brand while selling and servicing their customers as needed.
  • Referral Partners Referral Partners find FileBound opportunities in the course of business and receive a 10% commission on the first-year product and service revenue.

Opportunity Registration

The FileBound Opportunity Registration Program allows partners to earn additional margin by registering their opportunities and following the program guidelines. Registering opportunities also protects your position with the prospect from other partners.

What is an Opportunity?

To be a qualified opportunity, the partner needs to have engaged in at least one sales conversation with the prospect, and has identified that the prospective customer has a problem with a willingness to spend money to solve. An "opportunity" is more than a lead or cold call; an opportunity signals the potential of real business.

Training, Implementations, and Support

Appropriate product training and certification is required to implement FileBound customers. Learn more about:
  • Product Training and Certifications
  • Standard and Priority Customer Support
  • Maintaining FileBound Partner Status