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Built for professionals who appreciate the difference between ordinary and extraordinary print quality.

Canon imagePROGRAF large-format printers deliver a unique combination of ultra-high-quality imaging, maximum productivity, and a pigment ink set capable of producing an extraordinary range of vibrant colors, subtle hues, and deep shadows.

Product Image Model# Cat# Datasheet
GP-200 Printer 5249C002 None
GP-300 Printer 5251C002 None
GP-2000 Printer 5255C002 None
GP-4000 Printer 5253C002 None
PRO-2100 Printer 3867C002 PDF
PRO-4100 Printer 3869C002 PDF
PRO-4100S Printer 3873C002 PDF
PRO-6100 3871C005 PDF
PRO-6100S Printer-RU 3875C005 PDF
TA-20 Printer 3659C002 PDF
TA-30 Printer 3661C002 PDF
TA-30 Printer W/O Stand 3661C005 PDF
TA-30 Printer-Scanner L36ei 3661C008 PDF
TM-200 Printer 3062C002 PDF
TM-200 Printer w/o Stand 3062C006 PDF
TM-200 Printer-Scanner L24ei 3062C008 PDF
TM-240 Printer 6242C002 PDF
TM-300 Printer 3058C002 PDF
TM-300 Printer-Scanner L36ei 3058C011 PDF
TM-300 Printer-Scanner-Install 3058C002-Z36 PDF
TM-305 Printer 3056C002 PDF
TM-305 Printer-Scanner-Install 3056C002-Z36 PDF
TX-3100 Printer w/Stacker 5515C001 PDF
TX-3100 Printer w/Basket 5515C002 PDF
TX-3100 Printer w/Stacker and Service 5515C001-B PDF
TX-3100 Printer w/Basket and Service 5515C002-B PDF
TX-3100 Printer w/Stacker, Z36 Scanner and Service 5515C001-Z36 PDF
TX-3100 Printer w/Basket, Z36 Scanner and Service 5515C002-Z36 PDF
TX-4100 Printer w/Basket 5516C002 PDF
TX-4100 Printer w/Basket and Service 5516C002-B PDF
TX-4100 Printer w/Basket, Z36 Scanner and Service 5516C002-Z36 PDF
TX-4100 Printer w/Stacker 5516C001 PDF
TX-4100 Printer w/Stacker and Service 5516C001-B PDF
TX-4100 Printer w/Stacker, Z36 Scanner and Service 5516C001-Z36 PDF

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