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Fujitsu's technologically advanced, highly reliable scanners are designed to deliver lasting performance. To increase the performance of your investment, customers may elect to augment the original Limited Warranty with optional service programs. They allow a variety of customers, from budget conscious users to service bureaus with a low tolerance to downtime, to get the additional support that best suits their requirements. Download More Details on Fujitsu Service (PDF).
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ScanCare is the Fujitsu premium scanner service offering and one of the most comprehensive service programs in the industry. It combines preventative maintenance, scanner consumables and training with the Basic on-site service option that includes spare parts, labor and technician travel. ScanCare is available as an upgrade to the existing standard Limited Warranty. Basic, In-Warranty on-site service for Fujitsu scanners upgrades the standard, Limited Warranty on certain models to a full 12 months of on-site service. The Basic option includes parts, labor, travel and a cleaning event. Basic, Post-Warranty is available after the Limited Warranty time frame and can be purchased in single or multi-year increments. The Fujitsu Advance Exchange Service Program offers whole-unit, next business day replacement for scanner equipment that cannot be repaired through technical support. It is available in all 50 states to help minimize downtime and applies to most models of Fujitsu scanners. The cost of the Advance Exchange program includes parts, labor and shipping to and from the customer. ScanAid™ is a factory-authorized consumables kit complete with instructions and cleaning supplies and can be purchased from your reseller or at The ScanAid™ kit provides handy replacements for consumables that wear naturally during normal use. And it serves as an indispensable preventative maintenance kit that helps improve performance, reduce service costs, and keep your scanner running at peak performance.
Advantages Advantages Advantages Advantages
  • Provides preventative maintenance that improves scanner performance and productivity
  • Convenient delivery of consumables kit(s) gives you what you need, when you need it
  • Reduces unnecessary service calls by offering training in scanner product features and routine maintenance
  • Helps improve on-site technician arrival time with 4-hour and 24/7 response time options
  • Includes all spare parts, labor and travel for service of verified hardware failures
  • Protects your scanner investment and avoids unexpected repair costs
  • Helps reduce downtime with 4-hour and 24/7 response time options
  • Provides a replacement scanner before the return to Fujitsu of the malfunctioning scanner
  • Quickly gets you back to scanning and back in business
  • Advance Exchange, In-Warranty and Advance Exchange, Post-Warranty are the only Fujitsu-Authorized, whole-unit replacement service programs for Fujitsu Scanners
  • Provides economical alternative to on-site service via self-service preventative maintenance
  • Product specific kits help reduce overall costs for service and consumables
  • The consumables you need are delivered when you need them
Options Options Options Options
Extend the warranty as long as you like in 12 month increments. Extend the warranty as long as you like in 12 month increments. Extend the warranty as long as you like in 12 month increments. Extend the warranty as long as you like in 12 month increments.
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Download Matrix (PDF) Download Matrix (PDF) Download Matrix (PDF) Download Matrix (PDF)
At Fujitsu we strive to exceed a 90% fi x rate on the first call or on-site visit. You can expect the same level of commitment on all of our Multi-Vendor service offerings. We understand that our customers have made significant hardware investments and we aim to provide the ultimate customer experience on all scanner equipment. With Fujitsu Multi-Vendor service we treat every manufacturer's product as if it were our own. Our expertise and industry know-how coupled with a task force of trained technicians makes our service offerings the most reliable in the industry.

  • One stop shop! Remove the hassle of dealing with multiple service providers
  • Competitive pricing for a variety of hardware environments
  • Access to third party parts, manuals and software upgrades
  • Complete line of service offerings and response times from NBD to 4-hour coverage
  • Proactively scheduled cleaning visit to maximize up-time
  • Coterminous (monthly) service contracts available for simple invoice management and contract renewals
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Extend the warranty as long as you like in 12 month increments.

Download Matrix (PDF)
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