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Capture Software
From desktops to high-volume operations, Capture Pro Software scales beautifully according to your needs. Capture Pro is designed for centralized, high volume, mission critical, production scanning applications. It easily handles complex scanning, data extraction & indexing.

Capture and index your critical data and send smarter information to ECM systems and business applications to streamline your workflows and processes.

Capture Pro Software is available for these select Alaris Scanners
  • Ideal for paper intensive business applications
  • Extensive integration with ECM systems
  • Network and Import modules available

Capture Pro Limited
Quickly scan and process information "out of the box" with this easy-to-use application provided with your Alaris Scanning Solution. Capture, edit and output anything from single documents to larger batches. Capture Pro Limited Edition is ideal for individuals or workgroup users of select Alaris Scanners managing entry-level document or single-batch scanning.

With Capture Pro Limited Edition, you can:
  • Scan one document or a batch of documents
  • Automatically separate documents via bar code, blank page or page count
  • Create an index field and name your output files via bar code, drag-and-drop OCR, or manually
  • Enhance scanned images - rotate, crop, rescan, insert page, split document
  • Output files as TIFF, multi-page TIFF, JPEG, PNG, multi-page PDF, sPDF, PDF/A or RTF to file, e-mail, printer or SharePoint
  • Easily upgrade to the full version of Alaris Capture Pro Software
  Capture Pro Limited Edition Software is exclusively bundled with these select Alaris Scanners:

Web-based Capture
The Info Input Portfolio offers web-based and mobile solutions designed to help your business simplify document capture so that information can be intelligently used in your business processes.
  • Info Input is simple to install, use and support. And your users can access it from anywhere.
  • Info Input works with multiple platforms, many browsers and multiple devices including
  • TWAIN-compliant scanners, Android and iOS mobile devices and MFP web browsers.
  • Info Input maintains the tight controls necessary for proper business regulation, protecting your information and ever-changing compliance needs.
Applications: Info Input Portfolio

Info Input Solution
Faster, smarter, more secure web-based capture for paper and digital documents
  • Ideal for large, enterprise customers
  • Integrates with business applications
  • Mobile module option

Smart Touch
Smart Touch functionality from Alaris With the touch of a button - send files anywhere!
  • To your file locations
  • As e-mail attachments
  • To MS SharePoint Servers
  • To printers
  • To other desktop applications
Now you can, organize documents in a variety of popular file formats - PDF, TIFF, JPEG, RTF and searchable PDF.

It's easy to create any of the nine preconfigured functions to make customized setups. Now documents are easy to find because you know where you’re scanning them to, so they're always in the assigned folder or location. Smart Touch functionality, essentially, provides you with an “office in a box."

  Smart Touch functionality is built into all of these Alaris Scanners: Smart Touch User’s Guide

Asset Management
System administrators can manage and maintain select Alaris Scanners on your network through one simple dashboard solution.

  • The thin-client dashboard helps you optimize time, budgets, resources and efficiency
  • Collect and store important scanner data, including profiles, page counts, settings, key attributes and consumables use
  • Monitor status and performance. Diagnose and troubleshoot remotely with easy-to-access scanner logs.
  • Minimize phone support, on-site visits and downtime
  • Identify trends, optimize processes, and implement operational improvements

Asset Management Software

Manage and maintain select Alaris Scanners using a thin-client dashboard to help optimize your time, budgets, resources and efficiency.

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