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More Functionality. Less Cost.

NewWave is happy to announce we are now distributing Kofax Power PDF 4. Kofax Power PDF is the leading PDF software for demanding business users. It is designed not only for user productivity, but also with IT budgets in mind. In this demo, we will demonstrate how to use Power PDF to perform the following:
  • Easily create and assemble PDFs from multiple sources.
  • Use market-leading Optical Character Recognition to convert PDFs into editable Microsoft Office documents
  • Convert images into fillable forms and apply document security.

Learn how Power PDF compares and beats Adobe Acrobat with stronger security, an easier to use interface and significant cost savings.
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Many people use these files to read, store and share information, so it's worthwhile to examine where they came from, how they're used today, and the best ways you can use PDF files yourself.
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Power PDF is a highly-effective alternative that can do everything your business needs for less money than you're accustomed to paying.
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Examine why electronic signatures aren't sufficient to ensure legitimacy, how a third party can verify digital signatures' validity, and how Power PDF gives businesses the chance to safely come to legally-binding agreements without ever having to meet face to face.
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Documents are essential to your business, here are some helpful programs from Kofax that can help your company improve document management.
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Not every program can easily edit PDFs. Power PDF is an ideal choice to view, edit and share PDF files in working or educational settings.
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Drive Digital Transformation
Enable the transformation from physical to fully digital interactions in key business processes, especially customer engagement, on any device, from virtually anywhere. Streamline the collection and distribution of documents essential to a successful customer journey, processing documents quickly, reducing latency, cutting costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Improve Information Visibility and Accuracy
Digitize paper for better access and compliance. Increase visibility, accuracy and availability of management information and documents, and ensure regulatory compliance.
Increase Customer Engagement
Establish new levels of engagement and collaboration by offering two-way interactions on your customers' channel of choice. Provide tailored and personalized outbound communications to drive customer satisfaction and build loyalty.

Deliver Total Enterprise Agility
Radically transform and simplify the First Mile of customer interactions, and create business value at every customer engagement touchpoint. Reduce costs, while handling greater volumes of increasingly complex customer interactions.

Case Studies

Comprehensive Digital Transformation Platform
Deploy robotic process automation, business process management, adaptive case management, advanced data integration, multichannel document capture, customer communications management, eSignature and process intelligence and analytics - in a unified platform.

Document Capture and Processing
Provide better access to document-based information in digital, process-ready formats by classifying, separating, extracting and validating content from structured, semi structured and/or unstructured documents for faster, more accurate processing at a lower cost.

Robotic Process Automation
Harness the power of robotic process automation to automatically grab and integrate information from websites, portals and other hard-to-reach data sources into your business process when you need it, eliminating the people-intensive, manual integration still in place in many organizations.
Process Intelligence and Analytics
Use end-to-end process visibility, discovery and monitoring to drive compliance and increase customer satisfaction.

Multiple Deployment Options, On-Premise or in the Cloud
Deploy as a perpetual license on premise (single tenant or multi-tenant for BPOs, service bureaus and shared service centers); or subscribe to a multi-tenant or dedicated instance (single tenancy) hosted service (TotalAgility Cloud).

Off-the-Shelf Flexible Integration
Take advantage of a variety of pre-built connector, web services, and synthetic API methods that can accelerate the implementation of the solution and quickly and efficiently create integrations to external parties and in-house systems of record.

Simplified Pricing and Licensing
Enjoy a simple pricing and licensing approach that helps the ease and speed of adoption and scales with value received.
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