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Kofax Transformation

Kofax Transformation Modules add automatic document classification, page separation, data extraction and validation capabilities to Kofax Capture. It eliminates the time and human effort required to understand the large volumes of documents and the related information. Once data is extracted, it is routed to the appropriate systems and staff within the organization.

By automating what were previously error-prone and time-consuming tasks, the system can significantly reduce labor costs, improve information quality and accelerate business processes. It replaces expensive document sorting, filing and data entry processes to significantly increase productivity and accelerate throughput of data collection.

** Reseller must be a Kofax Certified Solutions Provider (CSP) in order to purchase and resell Kofax Capture. All Kofax Capture Software requires Kofax Maintenance**

Product Image Cat # Description Datasheet
AE#Y514-001M KTM Cursive Field Rec 1M/Yr PDF
AE#Y514-002M KTM Cursive Field Rec 2M/Yr PDF
AE#Y514-030K KTM Cursive Field Recog 30K/Yr PDF
AE#Y514-060K KTM Cursive Field Recog 60K/Yr PDF
AE#Y514-120K KTM Cursive Field Recog 120k/Y PDF
AE#Y514-300K KTM Cursive Field Recog 300K/Y PDF
AE#Y514-600K KTM Cursive Field Recog 600K/Y PDF
AE#Y522-001M KTM5 Field Ext Base Lic 1M/Yr PDF
AE#Y522-002M KTM5 Field Ext Base Lic 2M/Yr PDF
AE#Y522-005M KTM5 Field Ext Base Lic 5M/Yr PDF
AE#Y522-030K KTM5 Field Ext Base Lic 30K/Yr PDF
AE#Y522-060K KTM5 Field Ext Base Lic 60K/Yr PDF
AE#Y522-120K KTM5 Field Ext Base Lic120K/Yr PDF
AE#Y522-300K KTM5 Field Ext Base Lic300K/Yr PDF
AE#Y522-600K KTM5 Field Ext Base Lic600K/Yr PDF
AE#Y523-001M KTM Unlmtd Field Extract 1M/Yr PDF
AE#Y523-002M KTM Unlmtd Field Extract 2M/Yr PDF
AE#Y523-010K KTM Unlmtd Field Ext Base10K/Y PDF
AE#Y523-030K KTM Unlmtd Field Extract 30K/Y PDF
AE#Y523-060K KTM Unlmtd Field Extract 60K/Y PDF
AE#Y523-120K KTM Unlmtd Field Extract120K/Y PDF
AE#Y523-300K KTM Unlmtd Field Extract300K/Y PDF
AE#Y523-600K KTM Unlmtd Field Extract600K/Y PDF
AE#Y524-030K KTM Cursive Page Recog 30K/Yr PDF
AE#Y524-060K KTM Cursive Page Recog 60K/Yr PDF
AE#Y524-120K KTM Cursive Page Recog 120K/YR PDF
AE#Y524-300K KTM Cursive Page Recog 300K/YR PDF
AE#Y524-600K KTM Cursive Page Recog 600K/YR PDF
AE#Y533-010K KTM Invoice Add-On Pack 10K/Yr PDF
AE#Y533-030K KTM Invoice Add-On Pack 30K/Yr PDF
AE#Y533-060K KTM Invoice Add-On Pack 60K/Yr PDF
AE#Y533-120K KTM Invoice Add-On Pack120K/Yr PDF
AE#Y533-300K KTM Invoice Add-On Pack300K/Yr PDF
*All Kofax Express Software requires Kofax Maintenance
* Rated at 200dpi monochrome landscape
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