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Enhancement & Support Services

There's more to successful imaging than just hardware and software. Successful imaging starts before your equipment arrives and should continue throughout the life of the system. You need an installation site that meets certain specifications and key operators who quickly gain expertise. You can count on Kodak Alaris to meet all those needs and much more.

Enhancement Services


A Kodak Alaris Certified Technical Trainer (CTT) will train your operators on your Kodak Alaris equipment including system features, operation, troubleshooting, etc.

Site Services

Power Audits
A Power audit can identify many problems and make recommendations for correction.

Site Evaluation
Site Evaluations provide an on-site inspection of your location to ensure readiness of the site regarding space, weight, power, cabling, and environmental conditions.

Implementation Services

Mode creation
A Kodak Alaris A+ Certified Field Engineer will create and set up Modes on your Kodak Alaris scanner per your application requirements.

Mode Changers
As your needs change, rely on a Kodak Alaris A+ Certified Engineer to change the modes on your equipment to meet your new requirements.

Equipment is set up for integration purposes. The customer's warranty on the Kodak Alaris product is delayed. This helps ensure that the entire system is fully functional before the warranty begins. When the completed system is officially installed, the Kodak Alaris new product warranty is initiated.

Optical Disk Cleaning
KODAK Service & Support offers professional disk cleaning using state-of-the-art equipment, a unique process, and experienced optical specialists dedicated to this critical service.

Support Service Care Kits

  • Scanner Mode Creation & Setup
  • Site and Power Certification
  • Complete Site Readiness Pkg
  • Site Inspection
  • Power Quality Audit
  • Microimager 30 Training
  • Microimager 70 Training
  • 990/IL70 Mode Creation/Setup
  • i7300 Operator Training
  • i7300 Application Develop Tmg
  • Image Server Accred/Install/Trng
  • Image Server Expan / Install/Trng
  • Capture Software Training
  • i9600 Site Accreditation
  • AWIS Training
  • IRW w/AFC Install& Training
  • IRW s/IFC Install & Training
  • Scanner i600/3500/4500 Install/Training
  • i600 Series Scanner Training
  • i600 Series SCanner Installation
  • i9600 Pkg w/MV Scanner Training
  • i9600 Pkg w/MVCS SW Training
  • i9600 Pkg w/HV Scanner Training
  • i9600 Pkg w/HVCS SW Training
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  • Enhancement & Support Services
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